Great Online Resources For Website Designers In Making The Best Of HTML5 | Web Designing Blog

Still not sure what you can do with HTML 5?


A Basic HTML5 Template – SitePoint

It is always good to see a barebones HTML5 template


HTML5 Bookmarks – daily news articles and bookmarks

List of HTML5 resources (lots of them)


40+ Useful HTML5 Examples and Tutorials

some of these have already featured but always good to have a list of HTML5 stuff


Coding a CSS3 & HTML5 One-Page Website Template | Tutorialzine

If you are new to HTML5 this is a great article showing how you should semantically mark up and get round a few browser issues


8 things you should know before building an HTML5 app – thebeebs – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

quick article to read - well written


HTML5 Cheat Sheets | Resources

Handy for quick reference